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    Rules and Regulations Empty Rules and Regulations

    Post by BeyondTheStars on Wed Mar 18, 2015 1:33 am

    1) This forum is about UFOs and related topics. If you want to discuss religion, politics, or other off-topic subjects, there are many free forums on the NET that you can use.

    2) We encourage young people to join us in our search for the truth behind the mystery of UFOs. Therefore, many of our young members' parents monitor the boards for profanity and sexual innuendo. Keep your posts intelligent, and free from profanity. The use of outright profanity, sexual related subjects, or other flaming posts will be deleted. The poster will be given a warning message, and if another similar post is made, that member will be banned from this forum.

    3) As a member you have the right to disagree with another member's post. However you can do this without provoking, baiting or attacking that persons character. Personal attacks or attempts to flame a post will not be tolerated.

    4) If you desire to start a new thread, first try to find an existing one that relates to your topic. This way, the board will stay more compact, and topics will be easier for other members to find.

    5) Any member who enters our forum with the intention of causing havoc, especially with a group, will be banned, along with the entire group.

    We hope you enjoy it here and I hope you find it interesting thought provoking and educational. And fun!

    Thanks, Admin

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