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    The Haunted Battlefield of Gettysburg


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    The Haunted Battlefield of Gettysburg Empty The Haunted Battlefield of Gettysburg

    Post by BeyondTheStars on Thu Jan 21, 2016 10:49 pm

    Cemeteries and battlefields have always been the most common areas where paranormal activity has always taken place and many of them have become haunted over time.

    The terror, agony and tragedy that is inevitable and associated with such places may be responsible for not letting the spirits rest in tranquility making these places most likely for repeated sightings of ghosts and wandering apparitions.

    The Civil war which took place across many battlefields ranging across the Stones River and covering areas like Antietam, Chickamauga and many others left in its wake several grisly memories of death and gruesome killings. Perhaps the most haunted among them all is the battle field of Gettysburg. Besides the battlefield, the town itself has many haunted spots and many people have experienced pretty unusual events at these places.

    Gettysburg is famous for the battle that took place in 1863 and took the lives of close to 50,000 people. Ever since, a number of people have reported the sighting of strange looking apparitions suddenly coming out of nowhere and some have even had encounters with such ghostly soldiers. Some of the places like the Gettysburg College, the Little Round Top, Devil’s Den and the Farnsworth House in particular have witnessed the haunting of ghosts and other apparitions pretty regularly.

    The Haunted Battlefield of Gettysburg The-haunted-battlefield-of-Gettysburg-300x199

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