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    Shadowlands Empty Shadowlands

    Post by BeyondTheStars on Sun Jan 17, 2016 11:10 pm

    Shadowlands Ghost

    We created this page to help answer the numerous questions we get regarding local hauntings and ghosts. It is a state by state, country by country listing of haunted places. This page requires your help to grow. If you know of a haunted place that is not listed , please read the info below on how to add a place and submit it, thank you and enjoy the page. With your help, this can be one of the largest listings of haunted places on the net. It already has 1000's of haunted sites listed.
    We can't guarantee that all of the places that are listed are haunted. We're sure that some of these are just local legends and folklore, but often these legends do spring out of past events. They are many places that the legend concerning it may be wrong, but the place still may be haunted.


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