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    Government is on the verge of spilling big secrets?


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    Government is on the verge of spilling big secrets? Empty Government is on the verge of spilling big secrets?

    Post by BeyondTheStars on Sun Jan 17, 2016 8:50 pm

    Alien conspiracy theorists think the government is on the verge of spilling big secrets!

    For as long as I've been reading about alien conspiracies, it's been an accepted article of faith among believers that the government was the enemy of the people and was conspiring with an alien race, or simply with other governments in our world, to keep evidence of a sentient extraterrestrial presence hidden.

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    Government is on the verge of spilling big secrets? Empty Re: Government is on the verge of spilling big secrets?

    Post by Neko on Mon Jan 18, 2016 5:25 am

    <3 X-Files

    I canʻt wait to see what will finally be publicly revealed, though I have no trust for a government potentially run by something that supposedly lacks basic humanity (from what I last watched, aliens see killing us more like rupturing a balloon to let our ultimate spirit/aura/energy form out: not truly murder). My favourite conspiracy is that the tiny telepathic aliens warned the government against shapeshifting reptilians/greys, and were ignored due to the then potential exchange of technology. Regardless of what potentially went down, there are few videos Iʻve watched that half convinced me of anything. Particularly those who claim to be ex-government/ex-NASA, etc, are especially intriguing (regardless of believability). I honestly believe every conspiracy has the crazy purposely planted (by anyone/thing who may not want the truth known) so that the general public finds it hard to believe. Like the bit of potential truth in myths that date before written and recordable history. And even true history has been subject to government manipulation.

    A theory I have is that shapeshers/skinwalkers may have originally been interdimensional/extraterrestrial beings that have gone native, for whatever reason. I also want to believe that throughout time, there has been more than one species to visit our planet as we hurtle through our local galaxy. I believe that these beings are responsible for most paranormal occurrences, if not all. Whoʻs to say that an alien with flesh that expires doesnʻt also release their energy into our global (if not galactical) energy field, only to become something that exists by consuming emotional energy (good and bad/angels/forest guardians/demons/emotional vampires)? On that note, from any visitors perspective, weʻre the aliens, too. Whoʻs to say the energy isnʻt not only locally recycled amongst the human species or entire living planet, but recycled throughout our galaxy or even beyond? (There are other worlds than these, as Jake once said to Roland, and Mr. King was onto something about the size of everything). I could go on and on about my theories, because I believe everything is connected and our comprehension of these intricate connections are still just beyond our comprehension, since the kinds who abduct and collect or more interested in hoarding information (sometimes kindly, sometimes terrifyingly) than giving it. Do they judge us so harshly? Maybe they do, and rightly so when I reflect on my fellow humans. All we have is our speculation, even if truth is released, it will be moderated and approved (likely in doses and half-truths).

    If you look into hawaiian mythology, among other cultures, it seems as though reptilian shapeshifting beings (black scales/skins, not grey, sounds like the true form when unshifted) descended from the stars and even bred with humankind (the chinese have similar claims of breeding with what sounds like interdimensional beings, to name one culture). Hawaiians depended on and named the stars, before and after the tahitian invasion, and were as much astrologists as voyagers. This reptilian species, one of the things they were/are called are Moʻo (who were very large [up to 30ft] creatures that could make themselves very small). They were as diverse as human kind: some being priests/kahuna (dragon priests!) that taught the secrets of peaceful coexistence to the original tiny hawaiians (menehune, who resemble elves, and not only they had the power of elemental manipulation), and later the Moʻo were murdered and killed our kind in return (especially after the hierarchical tahitians brought their bloodshed, since the preexisting society that got invaded didnʻt even have or feel the need for an army). Itʻs interesting to note that some were specifically vegetarians while others ate flesh and even cannibalised, and Iʻm talking about all the humanoids here (human/part-human/mock-human), another thing that seems oddly specific. The only thing is we, ʻtil this day, are not allowed to eat the flesh of our familyʻs designated aumakua, or guardian, animal (mine is the hawk).

    "The lizard or mo'o, shape-shifting and agile, was one of the oldest and most powerful of guardian ʻspiritsʻ along with the shark, the owl and the hawk. These guardian spirits were called aumakua in Hawaiian. Mortals did not harm or eat their living representatives, and their wisdom came through in visions and dreams (my cousin didnʻt believe, has a scientific mind, and he claims to have been taken on what sounded like a hallucination-type vision by the hawk: it took him flying, and he didnʻt like it one bit). The mo'o has been described as a lizard of monstrous size somewhere between 12 and 30 feet, with a glistening black body."

    The mo'o is an ancient mythological being which appears in legends throughout Polynesia (not only hawaii), and they had many manifestations that imitated native earth creatures, especially the tiny gecko (supporting another theory I have that they were/are all over the world and were also guardians that imitated animals, even in Japan, so maybe dragons didnʻt simply disappear but learned to hide their true form from humans to avoid being hunted). They even would try to lure and seduce, half-assing into mermaids [as a note, the moʻo had males (they seemed more aggressive and more apt to being killed) but majority were female, which is oddly specific]. Some remained as guardians, especially of water and the failure/prosperity of fishponds (which doesnʻt align with the theory, because there are no large native reptile remains, that these legends originally came from the people who migrated from islands with natively large lizards). If such creatures exist in the way I am presenting here, I believe they withdrew from our kind when the violence records wiping out nearly everything that didnʻt bow down to the new kings and ways of war, and the history nearly lost. Legends depict forceful marriage and insemination, even temporary adoption of rejected human children. The only island where anything supernatural survived is Kauai (because of freak storms, ring any bells?). And how does the whole world have legends of dragons, only to disappear without a trace, unless they were some sort of aliens that had the power of dispersal and manipulation of their very atoms (or something, just throwing it out there)?

    Sorry if I went too far off on any tangents, but I believe that some of these species are not as strange, new, and otherworldly as some might have us believe. If there is a more appropriate placement for these speculations (and discussions of), I will gladly copypasta them there. These other species might know more about the dimensions our physical selves cannot (yet) access properly, and could easily avoid contact. But imagine if these ancient beings were truly originally aliens, I donʻt think they are even the only ones, though they may be unique for going native. These particular beings seem to not show a need for technology (not saying they donʻt have/never had), and UFOs are obviously from a technological species. Perhaps there are groups that embraces technology while the other embraces nature, even possibly of the same origin with conflicting interests. Too bad the Talamasca doesnʻt exist, theyʻd probably have more comprehensive speculations/documented facts if they did. If you think I am onto anything at all, here, please expand with your own speculations (especially if/when the government decides to spill any secrets).

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